The artist works without preliminary planning and from this derive works that re-elaborate the lysergic language of dreams by making the semiotic paths of the unconscious visible. His are paintings from time to time populated by surreal characters; shapes arise from the inner cosmos of the self.


Influenced in many ways by his practice in meditation disciplines, his recent works strongly show his curiosity on how the human being can accept, deepen and externalize his emotional states through creative action; meditative disciplines are known tools, used in the past to achieve physical and emotional conditions which allow each individuals to discover profound dimensions of the self. In each work emerge a deep reflection of human subconscious and from the viewer's point of view, thoughts must be let go to give way to open observation and deep vision.


Based in Italy, the artist has been honing his skills in painting for the past several years. Originally surrealist painter, Pastorino blended his painting skills with his practice in meditative disciplines, gradually abandoning the attachment to real world figures and getting closer to spontaneous and dynamic realizations, testimony of an act in the "here and now", a reflection of the closeness to the Daruma philosophy.

Evolving along a deep and powerful creative process, the artist has brought the dimension of the universal self to the center of his works, which reveals itself to the viewer through intimate intuitions.